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From Yaad to Table

Richie’s Caribbean Spices offers catering services with a focus on quality and delicious traditional Caribbean cuisine. Born and raised in Jamaica, Richie learned to cook from his mother at a young age. Now, based in the UK, he brings the authentic flavors of his culinary journey to your plate. From his humble beginnings in his parents’ shop to his unwavering dedication, Richie’s passion for tradition and authentic taste shines through in every dish. Experience the essence of Caribbean cuisine with Richie.


Richie loves seeing people enjoy his Caribbean Spices. His vision is global expansion, sharing the distinct flavor of allspice-infused dishes. The logo, inspired by the Pimento tree, reflects the key role of allspice in his dishes, infusing them with the distinctive Richie’s Caribbean Spice flavor. Wherever we go, expect vibrant vibes and mouthwatering delights.

Market Trading

After years providing Caribbean food in the local bagel shop on Ridley Road, Dalston, Richie transitioned to trading at Dalston Market and engaging in Hackney Council community events like Hackney Carnival. Known for his delicious food, Richie became a respected figure and expanded his presence to Hoxton Street Market and other markets in nearby areas. Locals love his culinary creations and cherish his warm personality. Richie’s journey showcases the power of passion, dedication, and community.

Event Bliss, Festival Fun & Custom Services

Exceptional Catering excels in catering for Parties, BBQs, Corporate Events, Community Gatherings, Funerals, Weddings, and Festivals. From Hackney Carnival to Taste of the Caribbean, we bring mouthwatering cuisine and vibrant vibes. Our proven expertise extends to renowned festivals such as Hackney, Birmingham, Leicester, London Jerk Fest, Blackeats London, BUBR Lambeth, City Splash, and Clissord Park Feastival.

State-of-the-art setups, skilled staff, unforgettable culinary experiences. Whether from our dynamic food truck or beautifully presented buffet style, choose us for an event that’s as unique as our flavours!

Food Truck or More – Explore Our Catering Options for your next event!

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